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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Here's to Marlene and Linda and the folks at Zion!!

Traveling can be a real joy to share with others and I have to say we had a great group that traveled with us to Israel.  Here's a warm shout out to our friends at were all very kind, fun and great to travel with.  Always considerate of others and just a really good group.  

And what a privilege to travel with Marlene and Linda both were perfect folks to have with you.  Always in good spirits, no complaints, and a genuine joy to travel with---thank you.

I think traveling to the Holy Land is a must experience for every person of faith.  It will open up your faith life in so many different ways.   I don't know if we'll put together another trip or not; but if we do I hope you'll jump at the chance.  it is an amazing opportunity.  We prayed together, sang together and meet our living Lord in the bread and wine of Holy Communion.   It was a true pilgrimage.

can you see the size of that blister?  Show's
I'm been truly walking the way of
the pilgrim

Now where did I see that Starbucks

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That's me walking out of the tomb

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