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Monday, May 17, 2010

Worship in Germany

I am writting tonight from Prague, Czech Republic, just a 4 hour train ride from where we are staying in eastern Germany.   Prague is a beautiful city full of great history, food and culture.  We stopped in to worship today at a small catholic parish here in the city, about 5 or 6 people there for worship.  No granted it is a Monday and most folks don't worship on Monday...but still 5 or 6.  On Sunday we worshipped in Gronningem Parish, a little church that has been around for about 400 years and there was a great celebration of 6 baptisms.  It was a great worship, lively song leading, interactive for the kids, a mix of pipe organ and guitar, the pastor was good and engaging---did I mention that besides the 6 to be baptized there were about 12 others of us at worship.   Now numbers aren't everything, but we kid ourselves if we think worship attendance isn't important.  We need to know that we stand with a community, that others share our values and understandings (or are at least open to the same struggles and questions that we all have).   Now was God present on both last Sunday and today in Prague---of course.  But where were God's people?  That is the question that we so desparetly try to address in our own chuches without turning to gimmicks and fluff.   I don't want to have a petting zoo at Easter, or advertise that we serve 'krispy kream' donuts.  Humbug!!  That seems so wrong.  And yet....I don't ever want to lead worship with the anticipation of only 6 or 7 showing up.   Come to worship.  Come to worship to glorify God and to keep our communities strong.  Forgive us if we aren't always cutting edge or speaking just to you.   For myself, I promise to always try and make worship a place where you feel welcome and have an opportunity to connect with Christ both in word and sacrament. 

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