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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We made it to Jerusalem!

It took 6 hours from LAX to JFK, then 9.5 hours from JFK to Istanbul, Turkey, then 2 hours from Istanbul to Tel Aviv, then waited for the other folks to arrive, then drove the bus 45 minutes into Jerusalem--we are beat tired and getting ready to go to bed.  Having arrived in the city at night, we'll start all our touring tomorrow.   However, I have to say that no matter how 'inconvenient' I might find traveling it is amazing that you can start out at 6:30 in the Morning in Los Angeles and within 24 hours be standing in Jerusalem.

Our hotel is the Ritz (not Ritz Carlton) which is in the Arab part of the city.   Such a delightful hotel with a staff that was there to meet us with juice and smiles.  I couldn't help but take a little adventure so I convinced Kelly to go out for a night time stroll.  We'll we walked the alleys and back streets of Jerusalem until what did we see in front of us?  The wall of the old city and we were standing right under Herod's Gate.  The wall is lit up a night and looks quite spectacular.  We were just too tired to venture in---and it was pretty dark and getting late---but there was something about seeing the wall of the old city that makes it real.  On the way back to the Hotel we stopped in a little spice shop.  Amazing, nothing but spices piled up everywhere, the smells were incredible. 

Keep us in your prayers and we'll be glad to actually be able to post some real pictures tomorrow and fill you in on our adventures.   Peace! pj                                        Here's Herods Gate

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