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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Good Question.....


When thinking about the questions that Jesus asked, pastor Eric Burtness reminds us that he does not ask questions for simple answers.  Rather he asks questions to reposition you, to challenge your image of God and of your place in the world, and to present you with new and creative possibilities for personal transformation.  He asks probing, realigning, transformative questions in order to change core convictions, and to produce behavioral results in the one to whom the question is asked.

This Lenten season I want to invite you to come along with me as I look at some of the questions that Jesus asked.  Each day I will plan to have a video clip that lifts up one of these questions and invite you to consider how the deep questions that Jesus ask can help transform our everyday lives.

Week 1.
Ash Wednesday March 5th:  "What are you looking for?"
Thursday March 6th: "Who touched me?"
Friday March 7th: "What can you give in return for your life?
Saturday March 8th: "Do you wish to go away?"
Sunday March 9th (no reading as Sundays are not a part of the Lenten Discipline)
Monday March 10th: "Do you wish to be made well?"
Tuesday March 11th: "Whom are you looking for?"

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