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Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer Reading....

So here is a little exercise in some 'spiritual' summer reading.  For each week of summer starting this Sunday June 28th I'm going to give you a passage of scripture to read.  Take as long as you like to read it.  Read it once, twice, three times if you want!  But read the passage looking for the Good News of God.  Pray before you read asking for the Holy Spirit to be present and if you can, read out loud!  Faith comes by hearing---not by reading!   So if you have a significant other, take turns reading together from the weekly scripture. 

I'll post the reading and some thoughts and commentary every Sunday morning.   And please leave some comments to let me know how it's going!
Here’s my list of Bible stories for your summer reading!


Week 1: Genesis 1  --the liturgy of creation

Week 2: Genesis 3  --The issues of trust

Week 3: Genesis 12-13 –God will be faithful

Week 4: Genesis 44-45 – Forgiveness

Week 5:  Exodus 1-2 – The birth of Moses



Week 6:  Exodus 3-4 –Reluctant Prophet

Week 7:  1 Samuel 17 – Fear and Trust

Week 8:  2 Kings 5 – healing and pride

Week 9:  Jonah 1 – 3 – Depths of God’s love

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