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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Nothing but blue skies ....

Edinburgh basking in sunshine.
In San Clemente we don't appreciate good weather.  You see in San Clemente we LIKE good weather and we even expect good weather; but we don't appreciate it.  You might say I'm wrong, but let me tell you what happens in Edinburgh when the sun comes out and the blue skies appear--the people flock to the parks and public places taking in the warmth of the sun and the visual beauty that the sun provides in what is often a damp, gray and dreary skyline.  Cats and dogs stroll down the "closes" ( little ally ways) paw in paw; debts are forgiven, lovers regain their passion, and everyone has well behaved and beautiful children that are all eating ice cream and carrying balloons.
Sun shining on the island of Incholm.

OK, maybe I exaggerate a bit; but there is a wonderful change of attitude and demeanor that comes with a beautiful day here in Scotland.  Why?  I think precisely because it is not expected.  It is a gift that comes from out of nowhere to bless everyone.  It is a little taste of heaven, a drop of grace, a small wee nip of what ails you, it is a reminder of all that is good and right and wonderful in the world.   And the good lord knows we need reminders like this in a world like ours.

The usual scene!
But here's the thing: this kind of blessed and perfect day would not be discerned without the knowledge and the experience of the dark and dreary.  And here's the truth some times there are more dark and dreary days then there are sunny and bright.  And that's ok.  Life is not easy and is often a struggle.   Don't be fooled by the TV and how the rest of us pretend to be happy all the time--we often times hurt too.   We can put on a smile and a happy go lucky attitude, but that doesn't mean that we don't have our dark days too.  
There is light at the end!

So what's the point?  As simple as this:  Let's learn to enjoy the little gifts that come our way in this often complex and difficult world.  Let's learn to enjoy sitting at the table and talking with family and friends.  Let's not take for granted the little rays of sunshine that God sends into our lives each and every day.  Let's lift up the good every chance we get so that when the clouds reappear we might remember that they don't have the final say.   Today I got to spend time with people I love, talk about art and history and philosophy and favorite movies and food and memories....all of this was like a sunny day that helped me once again appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.  No matter what you are going through right now, I hope and I am praying that you might see some glimmers of light and rejoice in the knowledge that the clouds although persistent do give way.
Aaron and Vincent at the Scottish Gallery.

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