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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

From the snow to 122 F!!!

We took in quite a paradox this past week:  hiking in the snow of Glacier National Park and then walking slowly at Badwater Basin in Death Valley National Park with the temperature hoovering at 122 F.   These are some amazing extremes which are in reality only a couple of days apart.  It is the extremes that often times capture our attention.  There is something uniquely human about being drawn to the extremes and to forget the all to important points in between.   For example in the middle of our extremes of Glacier and Death Valley we took three days to check in on Alan and Lana Lundgren in McCall, Idaho.  Here we laughed, played, performed some search and rescue and generally had a good time hiking, fishing, swimming and enjoying the Lundgren abode in McCall.   There were very few extremes in McCall.  We didn't break any  records nor did we hike in snow drifts.  And yet I have to say that while the extremes catch our attention, most of us live 'in between.'   I think as people of faith we need to keep this in mind as well.  There are plenty of extremes out there that are begging for headlines, attention and our allegiance.  However, the extremes while intriguing are not where most of us find life, community and health.  Instead we live 'in between.'   In between family events and decisions, in between political views and personal passions, in between who we've been and where the Holy Spirit is calling us to become.

As I reflect on these past three month (of which I only have 4 days of Sabbatical left) I am amazed at the experiences, the conversations, and yes the extremes that I've been able to experience.  But all these experiences have had one thing in common--to help me serve in the 'in between' of our lives here at Our Savior.   Yes we have our own personal extremes (divorce, trauma, sickness and death) but it is the time in between these kinds of events where we really live most of our lives. 

I look forward to talking with you all about these past few months and I thank you for the opportunity you've afforded me for personal, spiritual and professional growth.   I have one favor to ask you as I prepare to return on August 15  (I'm taking two weeks of vacation to tackle all the 'honey do's'  that I've been avoiding during Sabbatical).    Let me know about the journeys that you have been on these past few months.  Are there changes at home, sicknesses, grieving, joys, celebrations.....I might not know of these unless you tell me.   I'll look forward to seeing you all in August---and you might bump into me at Lowes or DeNaults as I'm working on my list until the 15th.

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