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Saturday, July 17, 2010

True Love Found...but no pictures appropriate

I'm writing this from Missoula, MT.  We have just finished a three day excursion through Yellowstone and it was all that I expected.   We got lucky and saw some amazing geysers (including the Grand Geyser, which only goes off every 11 hours or so) and of course took in all the amazing geothermal oddities of this area (Thermal pools, mud pots, hot springs etc...).  Oh, and yes we had our encounters with several of the parks wild residents.  Lots of buffalo, deer, elk, and a single bear, coyote, beaver and fox. 

I had a chance to take some pretty wonderful pictures and I've included a few here for you to look at.  The first is simply a look up a tall lodge pole pine.  It just seemed to be reaching toward the light and reminded me of our own spiritual search.  The second picture is quite odd.  We came across two buffalo and one was taking a nap.  We were close enough to hear him snore and the picture is the dust being blown by his nostrils.  It reminded me of all the references to breath that we find in scripture.  The power of breath both to animate us humans and to blow upon the disciples in the upper room.   I think we often underestimate this breath of God, just like this sleeping giant could easily be assumed to be gentle and meek.  Finally I have a picture which simply speaks to the creativity of God.  Here is a famous spot in Yellowstone which is marked by beautiful bacteria which thrives in the scalding water.  To be honest I'm not sure I know what it says other than it speaks to the reality of life which seems to be the will of the creator--even in the most unusual and most challenging of places.

But now to the event I witnessed today that I couldn't in good conscience take any photographs to share with you.   I'm not going to go into great detail but simply give you a brief description of something that reflected the love of God.   Two teenage brothers who had obvious mental disabilities where in the hotel pool this evening and I watched them from a distance and also the reaction of others in the pool.  Then two adults walked into the area and one of the boys yelled out--quite loud--"Hi Mom, Hi Dad."   I imagined that this family was traveling as ours and I wondered how road weary parents of these two might respond to their gregarious boys.   Next I saw a huge smile on the face of the father as he jumped in the pool and began to love and play with his boys.   Then Mom too got in on the fun.   There was no disability, there was only love, laughter and play.   This family, which probably had more than there share of difficulties, modeled pure delightful love.   And it wasn't just love for the boys but love between the father and mother was so apparent as well.   Once again I have come out to look at the beauty of nature and it is majestic; but I'm surprised by the power of relationship that seems to be an even greater beauty.  May we all share in the beauty of loving relationships no matter what the scenary may look like outside.

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