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Friday, February 20, 2015

Good day Ambassador!

Day 3:    "So we are 
ambassadors for Christ, since God is making his appeal through us..."  2 Corinthians 5.20

Yesterday I had the fun of taking a 16 year old boy from Russia around San Clemente.   This is his first time in America for Theo and so I had the responsibility of being an ambassador so to speak for all things good and right about our country.  He's 16, so first stop was "Rocket Fizz" candy shop on Del Mar where he couldn't believe the choices that surrounded him.  I asked him if he ever had a root beer before?  No, being the answer we bought an ice cold premium Root beer for him to enjoy.  "Ohhhhh very good!"  Was the response.  

Next we went to T-Street to walk a bit along the beach and finished off at La Tiendita.  He had never had Mexican food before.   Note to self: 16 year old Russians seem to like Carne Asada, but not Cilentro!

Being an Ambassador was a mixture of conscientious thinking for the welfare of my guest coupled with a desire to show all that is good and right with America and American culture.   I wonder if this is not how it is also with being an ambassador for Christ.  As ambassadors we are called to lovingly receive those who come into our midst, recognizing that they may have different ideas and concerns and taking those differences seriously.  Nevertheless, we represent something good and wonderful that we want to share with them.  We want them to see and experience what Christ means for us and how we live out this faith in the world.

So, Mr and Mrs. just that.  Love and respect others for who they are, but never forget that you through your baptism and faith have something wonderful to share.  And who knows, the reaction just might be, "ohhhhh very good!"

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