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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Take a Hike!!!

Day 4 Lent 2015:   "Praise him, sun and moon; praise him, all you shining stars! For he commanded, and they were created." Psalm 148:3,5

"Great and marvelous
are your deeds, Lord God Almighty." Revelation 15:3 (NIV)

I've often heard folks say that they feel closer to God out in nature than they do in the church.  I understand that.  Even the sacred scriptures lift up the power of creation that points to the wonder and majesty of God.  There is a subtle difference though between seeing God in creation and seeing God.  You see, creation as beautiful as it is--go to the beach and watch a sunset, hike into Yosemite, visit the Grand Canyon--is not God, but what I like to call the 'fingerprints of God."  A sure and certain sign of God's presence, but not God.  To stop at creation would be akin to admiring a Christmas present for its wrapping and bows and never opening it up.   

For we who follow Jesus, God is most fully present in him.  God is to be discovered in the wine and bread--one holy food given for us--and in the waters of baptism--a rebirthing and adoption into God's family.  God is to be found in the Word that continues through the Holy Spirit to call, gather and enlighten God's people.    

But this is messy.  This involves people, what we call the church.  But ultimately we are called not to simply marvel at the handiwork of the creator but to join in relationship with God and each other.

Marvel at the beauty of the world and the is amazing!  But don't forget to seek the one whose handiwork this is...and that requires seeing oneself as a part of the beauty played out in the relationships we share with each other.

Almighty One, you shine on us through your sun, your moon, your stars. Day or night, we need only look to the heavens to feel your presence and know that you are there for us. May your light shine on everyone and in the relationships you've given us. Amen.

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