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Monday, May 15, 2017

Worship ... it feels good!

Imagine if your job was to always make sure that everyone's water glass was full at a particular restaurant.  Then you go out to eat yourself and you find that you can't really enjoy the meal because you are anxiously looking out spotting all the water glasses that need to be filled!   Ok, maybe this doesn't quite work; but that's pretty much how worship feels for me when I get a chance to worship outside of OSLC...It's hard to turn off the critical eye and become a worshiper.   It will come.  A few more Sunday's and I'll begin to be able to allow someone else to be concerned about the glasses on the table.    Worshiped with my friend Pastor Mark Davis this weekend at St. Mark's (not named after him) Presbyterian church in Newport Beach.  His message was to see God at work in the human experience.  Amen
The promise of Christ's presence
 set out before worship. 
A very peaceful sanctuary.
Ok, any of your musicians 
if you canread this:  
Does it sound just
like "Minnie the Moocher"
 from The Blue's brothers?

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