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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Blue Mosque

Here's a case of the wrapper being better than what's inside.  Don't get me wrong, the blue mosque is beautiful--truly a masterpiece of Islamic worship space--but in comparisons to the Mosque of Suleyman the seemed to come in second place.   That being said, the blue tiles of course are phenomenal, but I think it is a matter of that old real estate slogan...location, location, location.  It was certainly built to show that the Hagia Sophia isn't the only beautiful buidling in town, and it does do that from the outside.

I did visit a beautiful little mosque called the Rustem Pasa Mosque. It was built by the same architect as Suleyman's mosque and it really is a beautiful jewel...small, intimate, in with the people in the middle of a shopping area--quite nice.   Here are some pictures.
Inside the Blue mosque named for the tiles

The Rustem Pasa mosque is just as blue! Beautiful

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