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Thursday, June 20, 2013

From the Mediterranian Sea to the Sea of Galilee!

The day started off with a great breakfast--I went for the veggies, but had to have some scrambled eggs...just because.  We got on the bus and headed to Caesarea Maritima.    This amazing place was built by Herod the Great and is famous for the inscription found there proving the administration of Pontus Pilate.  A lot like San Clemente, but hotter.  
Marlene and Linda at Caesarea Maritima

Our Guide Jarir explaining that Herod the Great
the King who ruled when Jesus was born
built this hippodrome for chariot racing

From there we traveled to Mount Carmel which was the home of Elijah's epic contest with the prophets of Ba'al.   Read it for yourself....kind of a bloody mess at the end  1 Kings 17; but quite amazing to be back.   I lead the group with a little impromptu "Holy, Holy, Holy" in the small chapel and it sounded great!

Next we had our first Falafel of the trip--so very tasty.   The food is just much healthier here...and good,  
The view from Mt. Carmel

The first Falalfel of the trip...It
really was good.

Next we went to the ancient site of Meggido.  We saw the ruins of the gates that go back to 5000 BC...yes 5000 BC.  Also the remains of an altar from the same period.  The city was built and destroyed 25 times and so it is built one layer on top of the next.   Very fascinating as the Bible reminds us that so many battles took place there and in fact John in the Revelation uses Meggido as the place for the final battle of good against evil ( in Greek Meggido gets translated to Armeggedon----you may have heard of it?   But the real interesting part is the water system that was built by King Ahab in the 700 BC's and we got to walk through it.
Linda walking in the ruins of Meggido

The underground water system built by Ahab in
700's BC

Final stop of the day...Mt. Tabor, the Mountain of Transfiguration.  Such a beautiful church on this very holy site.  Took a few minutes to pray, as it was really not crowded at all.  Oh, that we all might see the glory of Christ Jesus, high and lifted up!   A great first day of touring.   Tomorrow the hometown of Jesus, and the Sea of Galilee....which by the way we are staying near at our hotel and saw as we came in. 
The Church of the Transfiguration
on Mt. Tabor
A side trip to the Bahia Gardens in
Haifa...wondrous view

The stairs going down to the water
system in Meggido

Just a shot I liked from Caesarea looking
out from Herod's palace to the sea.  Imagine
both Peter and Paul spent time here...

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