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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Life's crossings

Just a couple musings about being at the baptismal site of John the baptizer today.  Life is indeed a series of comings and goings, or endings and new beginnings.  It was no accident that John called people out to the Jordan.  It was very near this spot that the people of Israel crossed the Jordan to enter the promised land.  They were putting behind them 40 years of wandering and entering into a new relationship in a new land.  So it is with our baptism, we are called to a new beginning each and every day.  We are baptized once, but each day our baptism calls us to be washed free of sin, death and the devil and live our lives in unison with Christ.  It is a wondrous gift. 
Gathering for a reaffirmation of Baptism
at the site of John on the Jordan

Remember you are baptized in the name of
the Father + Son + and Holy Spirit

Look how close we are to Jordan. 

Being reminded of my baptism

Alternative means of transportation

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