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Friday, June 21, 2013

Did Jesus really sleep there?

So how do you know that all these places are really where Jesus did all the things we hear about in the Bible?  It's a great question that we should be willing to ask.  Some places have tradition behind them so strongly that it makes it almost certain.  So for example the fact that people had gathered at the place where the church of the feeding of the 5000 stands since the year 28 AD to remember what happened there---that's pretty good evidence.   Other places we rely on the ancient diaries and journals of early Christian pilgrims who describe the location of particular sites.  And in some cases we just use common sense.  For example, Capernaum was a small town in Jesus day with only one synagogue.  The synagogue ruins that are there today date from the 4th century.  However, they are built upon the ruins of the 1st century (Jesus' time) synagogue.  Soooooo......that's the place of the synagogue in Capernaum and whenever your read about Jesus being there...say in Mark 4....that's the spot.   Here's some more pictures to enjoy of our day in Jesus' footsteps.

Sailing away from Capernaum on the
Sea of Galilee

Our altar on the Sea of Galilee.  Sharing Holy
Communion on the Galilee is a wondrous

Sailing past the church of the Primacy
of Peter (Where Jesus appeared
after the resurrection and made
them breakfast by the sea.

Here is looking at where the sermon on
the Mount happened from the water

Marlene, Linda and I on the Galilee

A first/second century synagogue in Nazareth
where Jesus may have taught before
being rejected by his home town.

The beautiful bronze doors of
the church of the Annunciation in
Nazareth (Jarir our guide).

The Church of the Annunciation (Gabriel coming
to Mary and telling her that she will bear the
Christ) is built on top of this 1st century house that
is believed to be the house of Mary.

The Church of Cana, where Jesus
turned water into wine.

Our guide describes the vessels that would have
been used at the wedding in Cana

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