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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Walking the streets of Constantinople/Istanbul

What a magical place this is!   I arrived at around 8pm to my hotel via Istanbul public transit--great.  Just think they actually have public trains that go TO the Airport?  Go figure.  One transfer and I was in the old town of Istanbul called Sultanahmet.  Balmy 85 degrees with a little thunder shower late at night.  Everyone is walking the streets--families, young people on dates, tourists and locals alike.  While there is little left, this was the heart of Constantines Contaninople.  The Hagai Sophia was his church--later rebuilt by Justinian.  The hippodome was nearby and you can still see several pillars that ordained this favorite Byzantium hangout---chariot racing!  Then ther is the beautiful Blue Mosque and exotic feel of the whole place.  Here are a couple of pictures.
Two of the ancient monuments from
the Hippodome.  The moon in the corner.

The Blue Mosque at night

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