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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

You make a difference in the Holy Land: Augusta Victoria Hospital

Lutheran aren't supposed to feel too much pride, but let's break that rule and give a big Hooray for the work of the Lutheran World Federation and Augusta Victoria hospital.  Part of our benevolence dollars that come from your offerings make this ministry possible.  Imagine you live in Gaza or Bethlehem or East Jerusalem and your child has cancer;  if you are a Palestinian there is only one hospital that will care for your child---Victoria Augusta.  They have mobile mammogram clinics that go out and help educate about breast cancer and offer dialysis to those with kidney disease.  Ann (or was it Amy) was our guide.  She is from Iowa and works here for the LWF at the hospital.   She began her interest by signing up with the ELCA program for young adults to go out into foreign missions.  Here are some pix:  First check out their website:

The sign out front gives you a bit of pride,
to know we are doing such good work in the

Here is Ann (or Amy) from Iowa telling
us about the work of AVH and the
hardships that happen for those
needing care.

The beautiful courtyard was originally intended
as a guest house for German Pilgrims to the Holy
land.  It was also the headquarters of the
British during the British Mandate and
hosted such folks as Winston Churchill

AVH is also on the highest point of the Mt
of Olives and has a beautiful Church of
the Ascension.  Here our guide is explaining
some of the 'Lutheran' particulars of the church

The beautiful dome above the alter commemorating the
ascension of Jesus

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